How much should I pay?

Deciding how much to pay may seem overwhelming to those new to credit, so we broke it down a bit to help you make the best payment decision for your budget. 

Statement Balance - Your Statement Balance includes all of the charges on your most recent statement. If you can, we recommend paying this amount each month because you won’t be charged interest. 

Minimum Payment - This is the lowest payment you can make to keep your account in good standing. A lower payment may seem enticing, but if you only pay this amount each month, you’ll end up with higher interest charges. To lower interest charges, you can always pay the minimum payment plus a little something extra. Using the payments slider on your dashboard is a good way to estimate how much interest you’ll be charged with each payment. 

Maximum Payment -  Your Maximum Payment is the largest payment you can make towards your balance at a given time. This includes your Current Balance (your full Statement Balance, plus any new charges and credits since your last statement) minus any pending charges.

Custom Amount - If none of the set amounts are doing it for you, you can choose to pay any other amount between your Minimum Payment (the lowest possible payment) and Current Balance (the highest possible payment). You can use the payment slider to estimate how much interest you’ll accrue with each custom payment.

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