I have AutoPay scheduled. Can I schedule a separate payment on top of that?

We currently only support one scheduled payment at a time. That means, if you have AutoPay scheduled, you can’t make a separate payment before your due date, unless you cancel your current payment and schedule a new one. 

If you choose to cancel your current payment and schedule a new one with your AutoPay turned on, your payment for the next statement cycle will be scheduled automatically. Keep in mind that you cannot cancel or make changes to your payment on your payment date. If you’d like to cancel a payment, you’ll have to do so before the scheduled payment date. 

If you choose not to cancel your current payment, you will be able to schedule another payment as soon as your AutoPay payment processes.

Petal will not process an AutoPay payment that leaves you with a positive credit in your account, so if you’ve made payments or received credits to your account before your due date, the amount we actually withdraw may be less than the scheduled amount.

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