What happens if I make a late payment or I can’t pay by the due date?

Petal reports your payment history to four credit bureaus, so falling behind on your minimum payment can negatively impact your credit score. 

But keep in mind that Petal 1 and Petal 2 have different policies when it comes to late payments, so click the tab of your Petal card to review the details. 


Petal 1 Petal 2

If you miss a payment, your card will be temporarily suspended until you’ve paid at least the past due payment amount and it posts. 

You may also be charged late payment fees. The amount charged can change based on your situation, so keep reading for more details:

  • The first time you miss a payment, you’ll be charged an initial late payment fee of $29. 
  • If you miss other payments within the following 6 months, you’ll be charged a $40 late payment fee for each missed payment after that.
  • But if you don’t miss another payment for 6 months, the fee cycle will reset—you’ll be charged an initial late payment fee of $29 for the next missed payment, and $40 for any missed payments within the following 6 months. 
  • Any late payment fees will be added to your balance (if you’re paying off less than you’re spending) and will accrue interest. 
  • Your late payment fee will never exceed your minimum payment. So, for example, if your minimum payment is $25, your late payment fee will be $25. 
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