How do I use the payment slider?

We created a payment slider tool to help you estimate how much interest (if any) you’ll be charged next month. We show you this number in dollars, not interest rates, so you can estimate the impact of your payment decisions right away and decide on the payment amount that works best for you.

A couple of things to keep in mind when using the payment slider:

  1. When you adjust the slider, the Estimated Interest shows the amount of interest we predict that you’ll be billed on your next statement if you make the payment you’ve entered. It also assumes that you make no other payments this month and that you spend the same daily amount you spent last month for the rest of this month.
  2. If you paid your statement balance in full and on time during the current billing period, the payments slider will show an Estimated Interest of $0 for all purchases made after that payment due date until the start of the next Billing Period.

To see exactly how interest is calculated, check out your Cardholder Agreement.  You can find your annual interest rate (APR), any interest charges billed in the statement period, and the total amount of interest charged for the year on your monthly statement.

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