About using the Spending Planner

What is the spending planner?

Petal’s Spending Planner is a tool we’ve created to help you track your spending against your monthly budget. You simply enter your budget (that is, the maximum amount you want to spend on your Petal card this month) and the planner shows you how your spending aligns with that plan. 

It’s helpful to know that the planner will not limit your spending—even if you use the planner, you’ll still have the ability to spend up to your credit limit each month. So, we recommend you continue to log in periodically and keep an eye on your dashboard. 


How do I set a plan?  

To set a plan, just go to the Settings tab of your Petal account and scroll down to Spending Planner. If you tap the spending planner card and then tap Set it up now, you’ll be asked to enter the maximum amount you’d like to spend each month. If you turn on your plan, a pink marker will show up on your dashboard at the amount you’ve indicated as your spending max which you can use to visualize how your current spending aligns with your monthly spending plan.  

Keep in mind, the amount you set as your maximum spend will automatically carry over to the next month. If your spending plan changes from month to month, you can always head over to your dashboard and tap on the pink marker to edit your plan.



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