About your monthly statement

What's a monthly statement, and what's on it?

Every month, you'll be sent a statement, which is a summary of your account history over the past month. You can view and download your statements from your Petal account. 

Each statement will include: 

  1. Your billing cycle—the range of dates used to determine which transactions are reflected on your monthly statement
  2. Your payment due date 
  3. Your New Balance—this is the full amount owed on your most recent statement (we call this the Full Statement Balance on the Petal website)
  4. The minimum payment amount due
  5. Your Previous Balance—any unpaid balance on your account from the last billing cycle (we call this the Statement Balance) 
  6. A list of purchases, payments made, credits, and other debits posted to your account during the billing cycle
  7. Your APR and credit limit
  8. Any interest charged during the billing cycle
  9. If you have Petal 1, any late fees or returned payment fees will be included on your statement. Petal 2 does not have fees, so you won’t see anything on there!
Why can't I see my statement yet?
Statements are not always generated at the same time in each billing cycle, so you might not see it on the same day of the month as you did the previous month. You’ll get an email notification as soon as your statement is available, so keep an eye on your inbox!
When will I get my next statement?

Your statement is generated at the beginning of every month. Check your most recent statement to find the billing cycle dates to see when your next statement will be created. Sometimes, it may take a day or two after the billing cycle closes for your statement to arrive. 

If it’s been more than a couple of days and you’re still missing your statement, give us a call at 1-855-697-3825.

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