Military Lending Act (MLA) FAQ

Petal complies with the Military Lending Act (MLA), and all other applicable laws and regulations. The MLA may limit the APR associated with certain accounts while military members are on active duty. 

Where can I learn more about the Military Lending Act (MLA)?
  • You can learn about how Petal supports and protects members of the armed forces in your cardholder agreement.
  • To hear disclosures related to the Military Lending Act, call this toll-free number: 1-800-213-5794.
I want to open an account with Petal, and I'm on active duty. Are there any benefits for me and my family?
  • Yes, the Military Lending Act limits APRs on new accounts to 36% while you’re on active duty. This may also apply to your spouse or your dependents.
  • When you submit your application to Petal, we’ll automatically check the Department of Defense Manpower Data Center for active duty military status and flag your account to ensure your APR will be limited to a maximum of 36%.
I just opened a Petal account, but I don't think my account is flagged correctly
  • If you’re active duty when you apply for Petal, the coverage will automatically be applied to your account. If something doesn’t look right, give us a call at 1-855-697-3825 and we’ll help get to the bottom of it.
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