I need to update my address

If you’d like to update your address, log in to your Petal account and visit the Personal tab of your Petal account.  Head’s up—you cannot use a P.O. box as the address on your account.

If the address section isn’t editable, you may not be able to adjust your address at this time; for the security of our members, there are a couple of limitations. Read on to determine which of the following best describes your situation. 

I made a typo when I applied
We get it. Typos happen! If you made an error when typing the address on your account (i.e. you forgot the apartment number), we may be able to update that for you—shoot us an email at support@petalcard.com.
I need to update my full mailing address
To help keep our members' accounts safe and secure, full mailing addresses cannot be changed within 30 days of account opening or card activation. Once 30 days pass, you'll be able to update your address directly within the Personal tab of your Petal account. To ensure our members' accounts remain in good hands, we’re unable to make exceptions to this policy.
I need a card sent to an address other than the one on my Petal account
If you need to get your card shipped to a new or different address than the one on your account, check out this article for instructions.
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