Why did my payment account disappear?

If your payment account disappeared, it’s most likely because it was removed. Bank accounts are automatically removed when a payment you made was returned by your bank, or if we couldn’t verify that you are the owner of the added account. This can also happen if you entered the incorrect account or routing number or if the account is frozen.


How do I get it back?

If you’d still like to use the account that was removed to make payments, double-check that you have the correct account and routing number and try adding the bank account again. You might be asked to upload a PDF of your bank statement or a voided check to confirm account ownership. Once the documents have been reviewed by our team, we’ll be in touch to let you know if we were able to add the bank account.


Why do I have to upload documents to add a bank account?

For security reasons, we may ask you to verify that you are the account owner when adding a bank account. Uploading a bank statement or a voided check are a couple of ways we can confirm account ownership. 

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