What is my credit limit, and can I change it?

Your individual credit limit is the maximum amount of money you’re able to borrow or spend on your Petal credit card. The money you spend reduces your Available Credit. Making a payment towards your Petal account will reduce your Current Balance and make more credit available. You can also find this in the Settings tab of your Petal account and on your monthly statement.

Everyone is considered for credit limit increases automatically on a regular basis. Unlike big bank credit cards who make you ask for a credit line increase, your account is checked periodically to see if you’re eligible for a larger limit.

If you are eligible for a limit increase at the point of account approval, you’ll have the option to link a bank account to receive a credit limit increase. This offer will be visible while you’re activating your card in the mobile app or on the Accounts page.  

A direct way to get a limit increase is by participating in our Leap program. This program allows members to complete a few simple tasks to get a limit increase. You can learn more about the program here.

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