Known Bank and Financial Institution Connection Issues

Temporarily Unavailable:

Macy’s Credit Card, Credit One Bank, HSBC Personal Banking, Nordstrom Credit Card, HSA Bank, Regions Bank, Bank of Montreal, Transamerica, First Keystone Community Bank, Bank of the West, BMO Harris Bank, and others.

Other banks, like the ones listed above, are simply having connection issues. Our third-party data provider is working to bring stability back to the syncing schedule, but until further notice, we're not able to connect these financial institutions to Petal accounts.

Institutions Not Supported:

PNC Bank, CitiBank, PayPal, MetaBank, Venmo, and others.

Some banks, like the ones listed above, are hidden in the search results because they do not allow traffic to third-party data providers.

Third-party data providers allow us to view some of your financial records, which we need to make a decision on your application. If we can’t access your financial records, we can’t get a clear picture of your financial profile and you won’t be able to apply right now.

Petal doesn't have any control over how much information your bank may be willing to share. If you want to apply for Petal, we encourage you to reach out to your bank and let them know you'd like to share your data—it's your data after all! Hearing from enough customers like you may encourage these banks to join the 14,000+ banks, credit unions, and financial institutions that allow customers to share their financial records with third-party data providers.

Keep an eye on our Help Center article, which we use to give updates on the connection status of certain banks with our third-party data providers.

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