Why do I need to refresh my bank account connection?

If you’ve received a notification that your linked bank account has lost connection, don’t be alarmed! It just means that your account connection needs to be refreshed—you’ll still be able to pay using this account. But until the connection is refreshed, you won’t be able to take advantage of all that linking accounts has to offer, like getting warnings if your balance is too low to cover your payments, getting to see your money in one place to keep tabs on your finances, or getting evaluated for a credit limit increase. 

There are a few reasons why your bank account might have lost connection: 

  • Your password has changed
  • Your bank is requesting additional security questions or Multi Factor Authentication 
  • Your bank might require you to re-authenticate your account for security reasons (Chase accounts specifically require users to refresh their connection every few months). 

To refresh your bank connection, simply head to the accounts page of your Petal account, click “refresh” next to the desired accounts. 


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