I'm getting an error message when I try to submit my application. How can I move forward?

If you’re running into trouble with your application for Petal, we’re here to help. We've addressed some of the most common issues below—keep reading to see if the points below describe your situation.

I am having issues linking my bank account
  • Linking your bank account can be a tricky process, so we've included some common issues and their solutions in this article. Check it out!
I started submitting my information for pre-approval, but I didn't finish. Now, I'm trying again and I'm getting an error message
  • If you started to submit your application for pre-approval, and you’re trying again, there’s a chance you’re getting an error message because you’re entering different personal information than you did the first time you started the application.
  • To move forward with your application:
      • Make sure your date of birth and SSN are entered exactly the same as when you first started the application.
      • Try again using the correct email address. The email address field is case sensitive, so make sure it's typed correctly. 
      • Manually enter your information instead of using the autofill feature on your browser. 
  • If you’ve tried the steps above, but you still can’t submit your application, you unfortunately won't be able to apply right now. Our product team is dedicated to improving the application process, so we recommend trying to apply again in the future once we’ve ironed out some of the kinks
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