I have questions about uploading my ID to the application

Why do you need to collect my ID and selfie-video during the application? 

Data security and the safety of your personal information are top priorities at Petal, so we may ask you to upload a form of ID and to take a selfie video to help confirm your identity and to keep your application or account safe. 

Which type of IDs can I use during the application?

When uploading your ID, make sure you’re using one of the following forms of identification:

  • Drivers license
  • National ID
  • Passport

Both U.S. and foreign government-issued photo IDs are accepted. Please keep in mind that military and federal employee IDs are not currently accepted.

So you know, the information you upload is used for identity verification purposes only. If you don't have a supported form of ID or if your identity can't be verified, you can't be approved for a Petal card.

I’m having trouble uploading my ID during the application. Help!

If you’re running into some trouble uploading your ID, run through the troubleshooting tips below. If you’re still having issues after following the steps below, send a message to support@petalcard.com and we’ll happily take a look for you.

  • Make sure the text on the document you’re uploading is readable
  • Make the image of your face as clear as possible
  • Reduce any glare by taking it out of direct sunlight
  • Make sure you get a whole photo of the ID and it’s not cut off or blocked by anything
  • Make sure you’re choosing the right document type (i.e., if you’re uploading a driver’s license, make sure you select driver’s license, and not passport)
  • If possible, try uploading another form of ID
I’m having trouble taking the selfie-video
If you’re running into trouble taking the selfie-video, check out the following troubleshooting tips below: 
  • Take off your glasses if you’re wearing some
  • Move your phone out of direct sunlight to reduce any glare
  • Make sure the lighting is not too dark or too bright on your face
  • Make sure you turn your face far enough to the left and right

Is uploading my information safe?

Yes—we use a third party, Persona, to verify your identity which has put strong security measures in place to protect your information. Check out their Security page for more information.
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